AD Intérieurs 2015

Luis Laplace’s armchair is the main piece of the reading room created for AD Intérieurs 2015 at Palais d’Iéna in Paris. The use of an 18th century tapestry stitched upside down on the back of the Laplace Bespoke armchair mixed with threads added by an embroiderer epitomized the ambition of Luis Laplace to mix time and styles to approach interiors in a radically new fashion yet without any ostentation. This piece is also the result of several encounters that the architect has had during his life.
When he was a child, Luis was regularly in the care of his great-grandmother Ana Laplace, artist and embroiderer, who watched over him sitting on a stool facing her loom.
Luis has kept the memory of his grandmother begging him to stay still while he was seating on the floor in front of the loom, while she was embroidering a tapestry which he could just see upside down from his point of view. According to him, this was the ultimate outcome of the embroidery work and what the embroiderer intended to create: the reverse of the tapestry and its tangled threads dotting the canvas offered him one of his first emotional and aesthetic experiences. The subtlety and the mixing colors, the blurry end result, and the imprecise and interlocking shapes form an abstract pattern where brush strokes are visible as an expressionist painting. The front becomes underside.

Early in his career as an architect, Luis’s had the opportunity to work on the installation of Louise Bourgeois’ pieces. He’s installed a set of fabrics including the famous book Ode à l’oubli. The artist used old fabrics, some of which were from her children's clothes, and created on this support an embroidered story made of words, shapes and patterns. The use of an old material intended to disappear with the passage of time has affected the architect. Luis has retained from the experiences of this artist the ability to reuse and reinterpret materials, in particular an antique Aubusson tapestry. To bring back to life these textile works appeared obvious and became a way to maintain a link with his past while highlighting the beauty of what we no longer see.

Christophe Comoy and Luis Laplace sincerely thank their partners who made this project possible:?

Mme Patricia Marshall
Mme Elizabeth Royer
M. Arnaud Plaisance
Carpenters Workshop Gallery
Les Métalliers Champenois
Phelippeau Tapissier
Atelier Tourtoulou
Robert Four Manufacture

Pierre Marie Giraud
?Au Gré Du Verre?
Pierre Frey?
Tai Ping
?Créations Métaphores?
Untitled — Paris?

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